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You're cool!
Oh cold foggy breeze, Please freeze it is soo soothing I never wanna stop breathing Cold you, Caught hold of me, cooled me from within Fooled I am with you
Oh, fog. You hum a serene tune Adding rhythm to my melody You are an unfolding curtain. You are so perfect. Fill me with ecstasy...
You surprise me Sneak up on me. It gives me goosebumps, A pleasant thrill An addicting chill
An artist you are Painting a beautiful canvas Bringing life to the dead. Don't come onto the spotlight The charm is lost You stay as you are 'cause you are cool!
An invisible friend you are. Insinuating to keep my cool I'm forever grateful I welcome you with open arms Awestruck I am every time Can't keep track of time You are a friend I never had 'cause you are cool!