Poem on a Friend.

My Friend

The day you find a worthy friend,
It's the moment you change your trend.

Without their presence, there is no light.
The moment they enter, it shines the bright.

All you do is care,
and find no reason to spare.

They help you when you are down-trodden,
Your sadness will perish, your smile will broaden.

When you feel you live in a hell,
A friend always shields you like a shell.

Happiness given by a friend shall never cease.
And we must never let it go on lease.

We must always store it in our heart.
And never forget it even if we part.

When our thoughts are dirty and impure,
A friend is our only cure.

There are friends who betray,
And treat us like rubbish and stray.

But, true friendship is like cement.
Its lasts forever and becomes permanent.

If they desert you, you will be haunted.
In the time of need, they will be your most wanted.

When we commit a mistake or a tort,
A friend's forgiveness becomes our last resort.

So, set out your search for a true friend,
And be happy till the very end.



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